Nigerian Breweries Plc

Defined by People,

Product and the Planet.

We are a consumer-centric company dedicated to powering great moments and supporting our consumers by producing exceptional products. Humble, but very proud of our journey that began after our incorporation in 1946 as “Nigerian Brewery Limited. Our inspirational progression over the years has cast our mark on the stones of history. Today, we confidently claim the indisputable title as the pioneer and largest brewing company in Nigeria.

We are driven by the desire to maintain high standards of operations, which is reflected in our brands, products, and activities. Our consumers come first, which is why we source from local products and brew with love while ensuring that our processes have reduced negative impacts on the planet. We are committed to giving back to the world more than we take from it.

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Brew a Better World

Our pledge is to brew a better world from Barley to Bar, both nationally and within our local communities. We recognize that we cannot do this alone, so we partner with others with aligned interests to achieve shared goals, protect the environment, support local communities, scale our positive contribution and limit our negative impacts.
We have chosen to focus on the following seven UN SDGs out of the set specific targets for 2030 that best align with our mission…

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Brew a Better World

Our People

We thrive to make our company a place where the best and brightest want to stay and build a professional career. We recruit people who are up to the fast-paced and challenging environment of the company as it is today, yet are flexible enough to dream and grow with us as we create the brewing industry of tomorrow.

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Recognition & Awards

Export Destinations

The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, USA, Canada,Africa, and Middle East and Asia.

Net Worth

N472 Billion
One of the largest companies in Nigeria by market capitalization.

Our Brands

We are the home of great brands, with products formulated and brewed under the highest quality standards and procedures. Our rich portfolio of high-quality Lager, Stout, Non-alcoholics and Spirit are uniquely outstanding which is why we are Nigeria’s number one choice.

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