Code Of Business Conduct (Heicode)

As the foremost and biggest brewer in Nigeria, we are committed to conducting business with integrity and fairness, with respect for the law and our values. This commitment is outlined in our Updated Code of Business Conduct (“Code”) which was launched in September 2018. The Code explains what we stand for and what is expected from all of us – individually and as a team – at every level.
The Code covers topics such as Money Laundering & Sanctions; Data Privacy & Data Protection; Responsible Consumption; Discrimination & Harassment; Bribery; and Responsible Communications.

To give further practical guidance on each topic, the Code contains underlying policies such as Human Rights Policy; Policy on Bribery; Policy on Competition; Policy on Political Contributions; Charitable Donations & Lobbying; and Policy on Conflicts of Interest etc.

In order to ensure that the Code is understood and adhered to by our employees, annual mandatory trainings are organised online and offline. Third party suppliers are not left out as they are also required to undergo periodic training on some topics of the Code such as the Anti-Bribery Training, while adherence to the Code is a fundamental term of their contracts. The Code is available for download by all employees through multiple internal web channels.

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Speak Up!

Speak Up is available to anyone, either inside or outside our Company. Employees can raise any concern they have through their Manager, HR Representative, Legal team, P&CI team and Trusted Representatives appointed for their locations. They can also drop their concerns in the Speak Up Drop Boxes placed strategically at all NB locations. Employees and people outside Nigerian Breweries can call the Integrity line operated by a 3rd party US based company, send an email or visit our website to raise concerns.

Integrity Line

+234 800 112 23344


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