One of the many problems facing the world today is creating and sustaining an equitable, inclusive and safe world! Social sustainability at Nigerian Breweries Plc is covered under three main ambition areas; Diversity, Fair & Safe, and Community Impact.

At Nigerian Breweries Plc, we embrace inclusion and diversity, not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because we are aware that we get more benefits from a diverse workforce.

The different viewpoints and perspectives that diversity brings to Nigerian Breweries Plc is invaluable as it ensure that we make better decisions, improve our performance, innovate better products, as well as get an in-depth understanding of the diverse need of our customers and consumers.

This works because we promote an inclusive culture where everyone can be himself or herself at work, which breeds a strong sense of belonging and psychological safety. This ensures that we all contribute to the future of our organization. To this end, we are committed to promoting gender balance across senior management roles by 2025, while encouraging cultural diversity, in order to promote a sense of belonging among our employees.

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Ensuring that our employees are well cared for has always been a priority at Nigerian Breweries Plc and this is demonstrated through the various range of benefits – from housing to healthcare, to pensions –, which we provide to our employees. We believe in fairness and human connections and we ensure that all our employees earn a fair wage that covers their basic needs for their families.

This ensures that our employees afford a decent standard of living that is not dependent on variable factors like incentives or working overtime. We have also committed to ensuring that our employees get equal pay for work of equal value irrespective of their gender. Promoting fairness also extends to our third-party employees as we continuously ensure that they are provided with fair working conditions, and can afford a decent standard of living.

Safety is and has always been a big part of our culture at Nigerian Breweries Plc, as we say “Safety First! Safety Always!” We continuously work towards zero accidents and fatalities and we continue to ensure that our colleagues and contractors return home safely to their families at the end of the day. We continuously strive to achieve this by building leadership capacity to identify and mitigate potential risks, and adopting “The HEINEKEN Life Saving Rules” – the safety guidelines of our parent company, The HEINEKEN Company.

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Nigerian Breweries Plc is committed to making a positive impact in the communities within which we operate. We are aware that we have a responsibility to use our business as a positive force for change and we are committed to making a positive contribution to the communities that we operate in.

Over the years, we have empowered our host communities through numerous projects and initiatives that have had profound impact on them. These projects range from advancing education at all levels in Nigeria, to providing water and sanitation, and equipping members of our host communities with skills that improve their economic wellbeing. These projects are carried out through various foundations and trust funds that have been set up by our Nigerian Breweries Plc , or our parent company, The HEINEKEN Company.

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On the path to an inclusive, fair and equitable world

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our ambitions and targets for this Decade of Action are in line with the benchmarks set by the UN Global Compact and we are determined to contribute to the UN SDGs to protect the planet, ensure prosperity and end poverty for all.

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