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We are the home of great brands, with products formulated and brewed under the highest quality standards and procedures. Our rich portfolio of high-quality Lager, Stout, Non-alcoholics and Spirit are uniquely outstanding which is why we are Nigeria’s number one choice. From our first champion, Star Lager Beer to our youngest gems, we will never compromise the quality of all our brands. We are consistent in delivering that satisfying, refreshing and crisp taste for our consumers to enjoy. No matter what their individual preferences are, there is a Nigerian Brewery brand that fits right into their lifestyle and satisfies their needs.

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New Report on the Global Economic Impact of the Beer Sector

The first-ever worldwide report to assess the beer industry’s global economic impact found that 1 in every 110 jobs in the world is linked – through direct, indirect, or induced impact channels – to the beer sector, and that it contributed 555 billion USD of gross value added (GVA) to global GDP in 2019. Authored by Oxford Economics on behalf of the Worldwide Brewing Alliance (WBA), the report found the beer industry also helped generate 262 billion USD in government tax revenue in the 70 countries studied, which account for 89% of beer sold worldwide, and supported an estimated 23.1 million jobs.

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