Our Strategy

Our Purpose

To brew the Joy of True Togetherness to inspire a better world. 

We ignite the moments that bring us together, create bonds, and are unforgettable.  They help make the world a little better…  One day, one beer, one cheers at a time!

Our Values

Passion for Customers & Consumers

We are brand-builders who truly understand the needs & desires of our consumers. We brew the highest quality beers and beverages to best serve our customers and to win together.

Courage to Dream & Pioneer

We set bold ambitions & challenge the status quo with imagination, creativity and pragmatism to deliver the goods & grow sustainably.

Care for People & Planet

People are at the heart of our company. Green blood pumps through our green hearts. We can only thrive if all our people, communities and our planet thrive.

Enjoyment of Life

We believe that joyful moments shared together are what truly matter. Nothing beats the simple pleasure of a beer, a chat, and laughter with friends.

Brew a better world 2030

We have laid a solid foundation with Brewing a Better World (BaBW)over the last 10 years. At the same time, we are moving into a decade in which the world is facing even more complex challenges. We know we can only thrive if the planet and our communities thrive.

Our Brew a Better Word 2030 targets and ambition are aligned with the UN Global Impact. We are on the path to zero impact, to an inclusive, fair, and equitable world and to moderations and no harmful use. We believe that a more ambitious and collective action is the only way to a stronger, fairer, and healthier world.

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