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How You Can Get the Best from a Company Like Us

The taste of the pudding is in the eating’, or maybe since we specialise in brewing, ‘The taste of the brewing is in the drinking’. The point is, our relationship doesn’t have to get tied to just drinking our products. You can position yourself to get much more from us, and we’re not talking liquid rewards now.

Exactly how do you eat this pudding? We’ll give you a few tips.

  1. Follow Us on Social Media

There’s only so much you can learn about us by taking our drinks, not that we’re complaining, by all means, more brews to your elbow or whatever body part you identify with drinking. But, for instance:

How do you know when we launch a new product or service?

How do you know when we’re doing promotions?

How do you know when we’re conducting a community service in your area?

How do you keep up with our innovations, programs, events and announcements?

How do you know when we’re giving out rewards or awards?

Your customer experience is quite limited without all this information. Stop talking to the bottles — they won’t talk back. We have all the information you require on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram platforms. You’d be doing yourself a significant service by following us across social media.

2. Buy More of our Products

As desperate as that sounds, there’s a lot of good attached to buying more of our products, but accessing these goodies would require positioning yourself the right way. What you might not know is that occasionally, we take out time to reward our loyal customers with valuable prizes, both in cash and other forms.

It’s a win-win situation. You buy our drinks, and we reciprocate by filling your life with loads of valuable gifts. Also, you can benefit by becoming one of our distributors, and alongside qualifying for rewards every now then, you get to buy our drinks at discounted prices and sell at the retail price. Trust us — we are the best business partners you could ever have.

3. Invest With Us

When you hear us say we are brewing a better life, we’re not just talking about the ‘Life Lager Beer’, which is one of the brands under our impressive family of drinks. We consciously try to better the lives of our various consumers, customers, partners and associates, and one vital part of your life happens to be your finances.

Why buy the bottle when you can own the brewery or at least a share of it? In the last quarter of 2021, we accrued a total revenue of 309.2 billion naira, with a market capitalisation of 395.8 billion naira, and that equals 953 million in dollars. This success is despite the average challenges faced by businesses in Nigeria.

Buying a share in a company like ours means you’re entitled to a percentage of our revenue. You’d agree with me that this is worth more than just limiting your customer experience to ingesting our beautiful range of products.

We’re sure that at this point you know better, and you’ll do better. Here’s to a heightened customer experience moving forward.

You’re welcome!

About Nigerian Breweries PLC:
A member of the HEINEKEN Group, Nigerian Breweries Plc is the pioneer and largest brewing company in Nigeria. Incorporated in 1946 as "Nigerian Brewery Limited", the company made history in June 1949 when the first bottle of STAR lager beer rolled out of its Lagos brewery bottling line. Today, it has a rich portfolio of 19 high-quality brands (such as Heineken, Desperados, Maltina, Life, Amstel Malta, Gulder, Fayrouz and Legend) produced from 9 breweries and 2 malting plants which are distributed nationwide. Nigerian Breweries is also a recipient of several awards and recognition in other areas of its operations including product quality, marketing excellence, productivity and innovation, health and safety, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability. To learn more, visit the Nigerian Breweries website:



Sade Morgan
Corporate Affairs Director



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