Mr Macaroni, DJ Kaywise, Odunlade Adekola All Bring the Heat in the New Goldberg Owambe TV Commercial (TVC)

Occasionally, a television commercial that resonates with our essence hits the airwaves. In that instant, we almost always see a mirror image of ourselves in a few, well-assembled montages. This is the magic of effective communication.

Goldberg’s all-new TVC was launched last weekend to herald the inaugural edition of the Goldberg Omoluabi Day. The word ‘Omoluabi’ might come off a bit strange, but its meaning bears root in the Yoruba culture and captures the everyday person who puts in the extra effort in their line of work to gain outstanding results and leave an impact on their immediate environment. Apparently, this is most of us.

Understanding its consumer base and its commitment to reinforcing values through culture, the top-performing beer brand on the Nigerian Breweries portfolio places every Omoluabi at the centre stage in the TVC, celebrating their hardwork and purpose.

The TVC’s storyline is based on a traditional Nigerian wedding (Owambe) characterized by the attendance by close friends and relatives and marked with good food (caterer), high energy music (drummer), and the charisma of a master of ceremonies (MC) who helms the ceremony like a captain on a tight ship

With all three individuals present, the collective contributions towards making the ceremony a success may be overlooked. Their contributions are almost thankless. However, if any one of them was removed from the equation, the ceremony will certainly experience a hitch. A disaster for any host.

Observing these trends, the Goldberg team initiated Goldberg Omoluabi Day to celebrate industrious people in their respective fields. The initiative is a nod to their diligence through hardwork.

So, whether you are stuck in a cubicle doing a 9 to 5, or wandering up and down the perimeter of your workplace safeguarding it, always remember that all kinds of work have value. Although one may not get the ‘thank you’ they deserve, the Goldberg brand understands and appreciates what they bring to the table. In other words: don’t stop.

Check out Goldberg’s page @goldberg_ng to watch the full TVC

Happy Goldberg Omoluabi Day!!!

About Nigerian Breweries PLC:
A member of the HEINEKEN Group, Nigerian Breweries Plc is the pioneer and largest brewing company in Nigeria. Incorporated in 1946 as "Nigerian Brewery Limited", the company made history in June 1949 when the first bottle of STAR lager beer rolled out of its Lagos brewery bottling line. Today, it has a rich portfolio of 19 high-quality brands (such as Heineken, Desperados, Maltina, Life, Amstel Malta, Gulder, Fayrouz and Legend) produced from 9 breweries and 2 malting plants which are distributed nationwide. Nigerian Breweries is also a recipient of several awards and recognition in other areas of its operations including product quality, marketing excellence, productivity and innovation, health and safety, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability. To learn more, visit the Nigerian Breweries website:



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