How to Make the Most Out of Your Beer

All the beautiful potential brewed into beer and you choose to have yours in the most mundane way possible?


Well, lucky for you, we’ve come ‘beering’ salvation for your drinking experience. We’d sleep better at night knowing that one more beer-faithful has seen the light.

Here’s the thing, there’s a lot more to beer than just drinking it. No, you can’t discover it by downing more bottles or cans than you can bear. That is unless you’re looking for new ways to wake up with a headache.

There are lots of tricks and tips which, when adopted, could skyrocket your beer-drinking experience from zero to a hundred. There’s a bit of divinity brewed into beer, and it takes the knowledge we’re about to show you to be able to tap into it.

We’ll be letting you in on a model passed down from ‘beer-divinity’. Hopefully, this raises the bar on your drinking experience.

The 3-S Model to Getting the Heavenly Beer Taste

First off, nobody calls it the 3-S Model. We just made that up, but the heavenly part? That’s guaranteed. After adopting this process, you’ll look upon the rest of the world’s beer-drinking community with a bit of pity in your eyes. We are about to change your life forever. You’re welcome!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Storing

You were expecting the first ‘S’ to stand for something more sophisticated, weren’t you?

For now, forget about the packaging and get a gulp of what we’re serving. If you’re a beer-faithful, you might have guessed that the storage method can improve the taste of the beer. Also, you may think you know where we’re heading.

Refrigeration is a piece of the puzzle. The first thing you want to note is that sunlight isn’t great for beer as it affects its freshness. That means any place where sunlight doesn’t get to it is a perfect storage spot. Contrary to what you may be thinking, prolonged refrigeration of beer also changes its taste. For that heavenly goodness, chill your beer for ten minutes before drinking, and store it upright instead of sideways.

2. Serving    

That brings us to the second ‘S’. As insignificant as it may seem, pouring your beer into a glass at room temperature from about an inch above is the way to go. Frosted glasses kill the carbonation in the beer, and trust us, you don’t want to drink a beer that is dead on the inside.

3. Sipping

The final part of the trio. The sip!

First, take a deep breath. You deserve this goodness — there’s no rush whatsoever. Yes, small sips. Savour every bit of it. With our brews, you experience the delightful burst of rich blends.  

Do you feel the power rushing through your veins? That’s your body urging you to have a beer.

You’re ready now, and you’re welcome.



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