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Osun Osogbo, Goldberg affirm commitment to shared values

In the African cultural landscape, monarchs are regarded as the custodians of culture and tradition; hence, they are honoured by all and sundry. In Yorubaland kings are said to have direct descendant lineage from Oduduwa, the father of the Yoruba race. They are deified and dignified such that a visit to a king’s palace is bound to have a strong impression on the mind of guests. And so, when it was time for officials from Nigerian Breweries Plc (NB Plc), brewers of Goldberg to visit the chief host of the 600-year old Osun Osogbo festival and the Ataoja of Osogboland, His Royal Majesty Oba Jimoh Oyetunji, everyone was excited to be at the palace.

Although this was not the first time representatives from Nigerian Breweries would be visiting the Oba, this particular visit was meant to strengthen the relationship between Osogbo people represented by their king and Nigerian Breweries Plc, as the company had come to announce its plans for the Osun Osogbo festival. The relationship between both parties has spanned over two decades.

The Nigerian Breweries team which comprised the company’s Public Affairs Manager West/Mid-West, Mr. Tayo Adelaja; Brand Manager Goldberg Mr. Mfon Bassey; Regional Business Manager West, Mr. Joseph Bodunrin, and Trade Marketing Manager, Mr. Frederick Van Os, among other company representatives pledged to continue to add value to the festival.

Speaking at the palace, the Public Affairs Manager, West/Mid-West, Mr. Tayo Adelaja said the partnership between Osun Osogbo festival and Goldberg has placed Nigeria on the world tourism map. According to him, the partnership is inevitable since both have shared values.

“For three years now, our company has been partnering with the organizers of this age-long festival that continues to put Nigeria on the global tourism map. There is no doubt that this partnership is working between the two great brands; Osun Osogbo, a 600-year old festival that truly reflects the traditional culture of the Yoruba race and Goldberg, the brand that cherishes and promotes culture in Nigeria. In a way, these two brands were meant to work together, he said.

The Nigerian Breweries team also brought good tidings to the king. His people would be empowered financially because economic activities would be stimulated with the activation of the Goldberg beer village. Food vendors, pub operators and transporters would be first-line beneficiaries.
In line with tradition, gifts were presented to the king and his council of chiefs, and the elated king blessed and endorsed the Goldberg beer brand. Oba Oyetunji said, the Osun Osogbo festival and Goldberg lager beer are almost an inseparable pair given their shared values for culture.

The Osogbo monarch praised the brand for its consistency in promoting the cultural values of the Osogbo people. According to Oba Oyetunji, “Goldberg has contributed immensely in uplifting the Osun Osogbo festival to its recent international status. This partnership has been mutually beneficial to both Goldberg and the Osogbo kingdom and this makes us very proud,” he said.

The royal father who described NB Plc as a friend of the Osogbo people given its continued support for the Osun Osogbo festival, expressed happiness that Goldberg was yet again a major sponsor of the annual festival. While acknowledging the benefits such sponsorship has brought to his kingdom, he urged the team not to relent in its support for the culture and good values of the Nigerian people.

About Nigerian Breweries PLC:
A member of the HEINEKEN Group, Nigerian Breweries Plc is the pioneer and largest brewing company in Nigeria. Incorporated in 1946 as "Nigerian Brewery Limited", the company made history in June 1949 when the first bottle of STAR lager beer rolled out of its Lagos brewery bottling line. Today, it has a rich portfolio of 19 high-quality brands (such as Heineken, Desperados, Maltina, Life, Amstel Malta, Gulder, Fayrouz and Legend) produced from 9 breweries and 2 malting plants which are distributed nationwide. Nigerian Breweries is also a recipient of several awards and recognition in other areas of its operations including product quality, marketing excellence, productivity and innovation, health and safety, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability. To learn more, visit the Nigerian Breweries website:



Sade Morgan
Corporate Affairs Director



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