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STAR RADLER – From Consumer Feedback Perspective

In recent years, Radler beers have been gaining the interest of consumers the world over. Radler, which took its roots in Germany based on a recipe made in 1922, has beer and fruit juices as its ultimate ingredients. Not only has the Nigerian brewing industry identified a niche market in the cider segment, Nigerian Breweries Plc has made an audacious move to fill a void hitherto ignored – satisfying the seemingly insatiable yearning of entry level beer drinkers.

The introduction of STAR RADLER into the market is fast proving to be another masterstroke from Nigerian Breweries Plc. A unique fusion of great tasting blended with pure citrus juice (orange and lemon); Star Radler is naturally brewed, containing two per cent (2%) of alcohol to give double refreshment. Star Radler is meant to attract consumers who are new to the Radler beer category; it is more specifically meant exclusively for adults above 18 years. The packaging of Star Radler brings to life the refreshing, thirst-quenching and tasteful benefits of the special beer. The blue, silver, yellow and gold colours of Star Radler bottle and can reinforce the refreshing character of this special drink, and NB Plc’s tradition of excellence.

Beyond the subtle consumption, which characterised its stealthy entry in Nigeria last year, Star Radler is being given bold embrace by consumers. Calabar was the first city to get a feel of the double refreshment Star Radler brings. The theory that the cloudy drink might receive instantaneous acceptance was put to test during the Calabar Carnival in December; and the sampled consumer population was direct in its assessment.
“This is really the hottest beverage right now. We want more of this,” a visibly pleased fun seeker, named Rita Enang, said after taking a sip.

“With this beer, I hereby renounce my teetotaller status. I have found my type of beer in Star Radler; I would drink this again and again,” an elated National Youth Service Corps member expressed his delight.
Sunday August 2, 2015 had been set aside to see two London-based perennial arch-rivals, Arsenal FC and Chelsea FC, file out for the Charity Shield. Football lovers defied the scorching sun of the day to watch one of the most anticipated encounters in English football. Bars and restaurants were about to burst into a boisterous mode as football faithfuls thronged different relaxation spots to watch the match. Match days always see bars record upsurge in sales as bar managers always leverage on the large turn-out of football fans on such days. A member of Double Refreshment Team, raised by Black House Media specially for monitoring consumers of Star Radler, chose a bar in Ogba to see the match.

No sooner had the game started than viewers started calling for their favourite drinks. Two friends supporting each of the team (known by the jerseys they put on) ordered two bottles of Star Radler. In what turned out to be a rare moment of novelty, an excited fan of Arsenal FC drew other viewers’ attention to the beer when he popped it (Star Radler) to celebrate Ox-Chamberlain’s goal, which would eventually be the lone goal that determined the outcome of the game. Many who were seeing Star Radler for the first time made their orders. The bar, which had only few bottles in its STAR-inscribed transparent refrigerator, ran out of stock while the rest of the game was interjected by occasional comments and debates about the beer.

“It looks and tastes like palm wine. I like the smooth blend,” a commenter said.

“It tastes good but I think it will find a better taste with ladies,” said another.

A lady who came in company of her friend opined Star Radler, when served chilled “tastes special, fruity and makes a lot of sense.”

The bar manager, when encountered, explained that he ordered just three cartons to “test the market.” He said he would have ordered more if he had known the beer would “move” like it was witnessed that day. Beyond the taste, the manager further said the beer’s affordability was also a responsible factor for its sales.
Star Radler’s message of double refreshment has also been taken to media houses in Lagos for sampling. Served with hot and delicious canapés, on hand to get refreshed by the ice cold Star Radler were staff member s of STV/Rhythm FM, Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Nigerian Info, MTV Base, City People, Vanguard, Guardian, City FM, Ovation, AIT, Raypower, among others.

Star Radler has also found its way to the core centres of social events in Lagos and Abuja, including Alibaba’s Novelty Match, AY Live Abuja, 2face’s One Love Peace Concert, Lagos Colour Splash, and others. Celebrities such as Yaw, Segun Arinze, Fred Amata, TY Bello, Comedian Buchi, Kenny Ogungbe, have not only gotten a feel of the double refreshment, their verdict of endorsement has been resounding.

Since Nigerian Breweries Plc rolled out the drink nationally in June, 2015 amidst pageantry and funfair, over 4,000 persons between 18 and 24 years of age have sampled the drink up till date. It is an incontrovertible fact that NB Plc translated its strong values of high quality, uniqueness and authenticity into STAR RADLER beer with premium cues.

From malls to bars, from the Island to the Mainland, the unanimity in consumer response has been unmistakable: Star Radler is girly; it is manly. Everyone can drink Star Radler.

About Nigerian Breweries PLC:
A member of the HEINEKEN Group, Nigerian Breweries Plc is the pioneer and largest brewing company in Nigeria. Incorporated in 1946 as "Nigerian Brewery Limited", the company made history in June 1949 when the first bottle of STAR lager beer rolled out of its Lagos brewery bottling line. Today, it has a rich portfolio of 19 high-quality brands (such as Heineken, Desperados, Maltina, Life, Amstel Malta, Gulder, Fayrouz and Legend) produced from 9 breweries and 2 malting plants which are distributed nationwide. Nigerian Breweries is also a recipient of several awards and recognition in other areas of its operations including product quality, marketing excellence, productivity and innovation, health and safety, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability. To learn more, visit the Nigerian Breweries website:



Sade Morgan
Corporate Affairs Director



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